(Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) 

Every Child is Gifted but many parents have not opened the Gift yet. DMIT Report is the secret science of the relationship between your child’s brain & fingerprints.
Do you Know ?
  • Do you know the pattern of fingerprint are the way to find absolute truth of a child’s inborn talent ?
  • Do you know every child is unique & born Genius ?
  • Do you know  every child has 8 - types of intelligence ?
  • Do you know  the real difference between child’s INTEREST & INTELLIGENCE ?
  • Do you know what is your child’s PLS (Personal Learning System) ?
  • Do you know that is your child Left Brain Thinker or Right brain Thinker ?  
  • Do you know how to apply Multiple intelligence theory for your child’s Brain Development ?
DMIT will help you to find out...

  • Inherent Potential of the Brain !!!
  • Child’s PLS (Personal Learning System) !!!
  • Distribution of Multiple Intelligence !!!
  • IQ, EQ, CQ, AQ & SQ !!!
  • Stress Management Activity !!!
  • Career Selection !!!